To the editor:

Several days ago it was reported and confirmed by several reputable sources that President Donald Trump used disparaging terms regarding those who’ve served our country in the military services. Then, they were denied. But the president’s lifetime history of derogatory statements and hurtful use of language to individuals and institutions has long been documented.

In the mid-1950s I served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. It was an honor and a privilege to do so. Although I never was in combat, many of my military brothers and sisters were. Millions of men and women have served and defended our country. Many died, others returned maimed, and others are still missing. Their families suffered with them.

Why would anyone who had repeated deferments because of bone spurs, and who avoided military service, and who has several children who’ve never served in the military, refer to those who did serve as “losers” and “suckers”? How sad he is our nation’s leader. It is a disgrace.

Joseph N. Muzio


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