To the editor:

Hey everyone, it is time for Republicans to get out their “Thoughts and Prayers Gun Massacre” playbook.

Let me see, what chapter and talking point should we use for this one? How can we deflect the blame for another tragedy on something other than our own inaction on the issue? Let’s get Fox News working on this!

So “45” has spoken to the nation and visited El Paso and Dayton to extend his “thoughts and prayers and to comfort families and first responders. This is after weeks of reelection campaign stops where he has vilified Mexicans, Central Americans and anyone who is not a lily white Republican. It is where he has accused those seeking asylum of invading our nation and where he has fanned the flames of hatred, anger and fear. During both visits “45” was more concerned that he was getting press coverage for showing up and for crowd size than showing any concern for the victims and the cities effected by these tragedies.

Sane gun laws are favored by approximately 60% percent of the population, yet these politicians do nothing. The answers are not rocket science: universal background checks for gun purchases, banning semiautomatic assault rifles, which are weapons of war, and putting limits on high-capacity magazines, which allow mass shooters to take more and more lives in minutes.

The action of “45” and his fellow Republicans are a joke and an insult. Their “thoughts and prayers mean nothing.

Jerry Sharfstein