To the editor:

Every year when I return to Gloucester, I pick up a Gloucester Daily Times to learn what is going on around the North Shore and the state.

I was dumbfounded to read U.S. Rep. Lori Trahan was being criticized for publicizing information for immigrants regarding their rights. She was accused of being a traitor and putting illegal immigrants ahead of her constituents. Another commented it appeared she was trying to interfere with law enforcement. While I agree immigration law in this country is broken, none of the arguments presented hold any water regarding Rep. Trahan’s actions.


Republicans used to have a platform that was principle based and make coherent arguments consistent with that platform. They have abandoned that and now lob nonsensical accusations at anything they don’t like. If you look up the term traitor, you’d be hard-pressed to match her actions to the term. And technically all immigrants are her constituents (the Supreme Court validated this, although illegal immigrants cannot vote). Regarding interference with law enforcement; how does publicizing federal law interfere with law enforcement? Aren’t we a country that is transparent with its laws? If she provided ways to avoid ICE, I would agree she is interfering, but she didn’t. She just stated federal law. Rep. Trahan really did no more than police do when they Mirandize a person they have arrested. By the critic’s logic, that would mean the police interfere with their own arrest when they state the arrestee’s rights. Critics of Democrats need to think through their arguments before they make public their discontent.

Don Morgan

San Francisco, California