To the editor:

1. Tax cuts benefiting all.

2. Lowest unemployment in decades for whites, women, African-Americans and Hispanics.

3. Companies are bringing back manufacturing jobs from overseas in record numbers.

4. 4 million new jobs created since Trump took office and counting.

5. Unemployment claims hit 49-year low.

6. 3.9 million Americans off food stamps.

7. Stock market at record highs.

8. New trade deal with Mexico and Canada benefiting American workers.

9. Gross National Product of 4.2 percent.

10. Wages are rising.

11. NATO members paying their fair share.

12. 600,000 new manufacturing jobs.

13. American steel companies revitalized.

14. Clean coal is back.

15. The U.S. is now the largest producer of energy in the world. Cause: Harmful regulations were removed by Trump.

16. No missiles or atomic testing has taken place in North Korea since Trump met with Kim Jong Un.

17. Opened Keystone pipeline.

18. ISIS is all but destroyed.

19. Confirmed two Supreme Court Justices.

20. New military spending to build up forces in this troubled world.

21. Enacted travel ban stopping terrorists from coming here from specific counties who harbor terrorists.

22. New agreement, the European Union to increase American exports to Europe.

23. Signed new Veterans Administration Choice Act.

24. Reformed Medicare stopping hospitals from overcharging.

25. Withdrew U.S. from job-killing Paris Accord.

26. American embassy now moved to Jerusalem.

27. Withdrew from Iran deal.

28. In process of building wall to stop illegal immigration.

29. Signed “Save The Seas Act”

30. Brought home Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey.

31. Actually, Trump has 289 significant accomplishments under his belt in only 20 months.

Democratic accomplishments: 0

Are you better off than you were two years ago? So what is the problem?

The Democrats this November have nothing to offer but hate for Donald Trump. Your choice, you can vote to keep America growing or you can vote for people who lack civility, want higher taxes and open borders.

Robert Bliss