To the editor:

For weeks now there have been several letters that have attacked President Trump’s leadership in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular attacks on President Trump for holding both the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Communist Party leadership of China, accountable for causing or contributing to this pandemic. Many of these letters critical of Trump’s approach are often short on facts, which I hope to supply. Any of these facts you can Google for yourself.

In mid-January, Chinese doctors knew COVID-19 was spreading and a Chinese doctor, Dr. Li, tried to speak out against it before he and others were silenced by the Chinese government. On Jan. 14, the WHO said there was no clear evidence of human to human transmission of the novel coronavirus and ignored Dr. Li’s warnings. The WHO director general praised the Chinese government for its handling of the situation, even after international observers as late as Jan. 2d discredited the Chinese government approach. The WHO failed to act and even as late as Feb. 20 argued that China’s actions were slowing the spread.

Those who criticize Trump’s approach as xenophobic for closing the borders to China on Jan. 31 to slow the spread, an action that many other countries finally took later, fail to state what they would have done differently and seem to miss the fact the WHO, whether because of incompetence or corrupt influence from the Chinese communist government, did not warn us or do anything to stop the spread of this virus which has cost us trillions in economic damage and the loss of a 100,000-plus lives in the U.S. that can never be replaced!

President Trump is correct to withhold funding to WHO for 30 days, and consider reducing support for it in the future. Currently the United States’ assessed and pledged contribution for this year’s WHO budget cycle is nearly $900 million. While we are restoring our economy, we should definitely take a fresh look out how we are spending our taxpayer dollars and withdraw much of the funding from the World Health Organization considering how badly it has failed us and how much more valuable those tax dollars will be toward helping America.

Jonathan Ring



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