To the editor:

As a regular visitor to the North Carolina coast for about 30 years now (as a “Yankee” in-law with Southern relatives), I read with interest your Dec. 5 story on how communities there are planning for sea level rise.

My in-laws have noticed the changes in climate over those 30 years — the intensity of storms, frequency of riptides, changes in fish populations. But to connect the dots to human-induced climate change is not considered polite conversation; the accepted wisdom is that this is still “unsettled” science.

The fossil fuel companies and their entrenched politicians have benefited greatly from this failure to connect the dots, and have encouraged doubt with deliberate campaigns of misinformation.

While the status quo keeps the profits rolling in for Exxon and others, the suffering due to hurricanes fueled by warming waters in North Carolina has been extreme, and there is surely more to come.

I hope that all of us, North/South, blue/red, wake up soon and realize that climate change is not a “blue” or “red” issue — it is a human issue. We need to work together to bring down carbon emissions and protect our coastlines before the rising waters overwhelm us.

Mary Memmott


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