To the editor:

Regarding the Black Lives Matter signs, the recent decision of the grand jury in Kentucky not to charge the three police officers in the murder of Breonna Taylor fuels my passionate support of this movement.

If this had been an innocent white woman who was killed in her own home and she had been your daughter, your sister, your friend, how might you feel about this decision? Breonna, an emergency room technician, was killed by plainclothes police officers on a drug raid. They apparently fired 32 shots after breaking in. Breonna was in bed. They found no drugs.

Cases of police violence such as this continue to occur regularly throughout the U.S. to Black people. This leaves Black Americans unsafe, ironically, especially at the hands of police. I trust in our local police departments and am confident that something like this would not happen on Cape Ann. However, the frequency of these occurrences across the country are not acceptable. When I see a Black Lives Matter sign it reminds me that Black Americans are not and do not feel safe, even in their own homes. We have significant work to do to change this reality. Personally, I would like to see a community filled with these signs and the accompanying commitment to ensure that everyone can enjoy the simple right of feeling safe. Further, I wish we, as a community, openly committed to increasing opportunities for people of color. To me, that would contribute to making us great again.

Laurie Ure


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