To the editor:

The global number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, leaving so many people helpless. America needs to take leadership role by investing in resources to respond to and prevent future pandemics. As U.S. Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Virginia) stated, “diseases do not respect borders, and global health crises have immense security, economic and humanitarian consequences.” It is in America’s strategic interest to assist nations in pandemic responses, as many nations are underprepared to deal with them.

If we have any hope of tackling COVID-19, it has to be on a global scale. If COVID-19 is anywhere in the world it is a threat to America, which is why we need the Global Health Security Act. The bill would increase the U.S. government’s efforts to support pandemic preparedness and prevent threats of infectious disease outbreaks now and in the future. Pandemics not only affect our health but also our economies health, by disrupting trade and tourism, which totals about 18% of the global economy.

To protect American security and interests, I urge Massachusetts senators Markey and Warren to co-sponsor the Global Health Security Act.

Olivia Cobleigh



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