To the editor,

At one time I sold thousands of pounds of live lobsters. I shipped not only in the states but also abroad.

Twenty years ago we had an advantage here on the East Coast. The Canadians did not allow lobstering in the summer months and would open their season in November. Back then our local boats would call it quits because the lobsters here would go in deeper waters because the water inshore was too cold. So the Canadians would benefit since our lobsterman would wait to spring to trap again.

Now after all these years our boats are fishing in December and even in January, because of water getting warmer. This is causing a problem for the Canadians. Now they have competition in the winter months.

And recently a new market for our lobster came up. China became a strong buyer for our lobsters and both countries were selling them. Now because of Trump there are heavy tariffs for USA shippers, but not as bad for the Canadians.

I think there are markets all over the world and I would encourage US lobster dealers to look at other markets, not just China.

Not only do lobster move when waters are too warm so do cod, haddock and other species. So NOAA don’t blame our fisherman for overfishing; find a way to compromise and help those who are still trying to put food on the table.

Sam Parisi,


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