To the editor:

On the afternoon of June 27, a very large branch hanging over Moorland Road was struck by a tractor trailer, causing the entire tree (with a diameter of approximately 42 inches) to crash down onto the roadway, and also the hood of a passenger car following behind the trailer. Fortunately, neither driver was injured. However, the passenger car had to be towed from the scene.

Within minutes, a Gloucester police detective who happened to be closest to this scene arrived and immediately checked for injuries and called for assistance in order to clear the road of the tree debris. Once again, within 20 minutes, three Department of Public Works dump trucks, a large tractor pay-loader and six workers (two with chain saws) all arrived on Moorland Road and began cutting branches, large tree limbs, and the trunk, clearing a path for the tow truck’s arrival.

The speed, efficiency and cooperation that all these men demonstrated while clearing and cleaning Moorland Road was most impressive and certainly worthy of praise and much appreciation. A fourth truck arrived with a wood chipper shortly after, and all seven men made quick work of all of the enormous debris scattered on the roadway.

The tree fell around 3:15 p.m., and by 4:30 p.m., all was cleaned and opened for through traffic. The public works men worked hard and fast and were determined to open this road as quickly as possible. And they did! Their attention and efficiency to their work is most admirable and appreciated.

Thomas D. Fava