To the editor:

For those of you who might have missed the reporting of a brave act by Patrolman Kevin Mackey of the Gloucester Police Department from the July 25 Gloucester Daily Times police notes:

“...Mackey said he observed a bulge in the back of the man’s pants that appeared large enough to be a firearm and was covered by his untucked shirt.

“Mackey then drew his service weapon and ordered the man, later identified as Rau, to raise his arms into the air. Rau complied, but then lowered his arms, reached into his back and withdrew what appeared to be a semiautomatic handgun, Mackey reported.”

Wow! That Rau fellow should be kissing the ground on which Officer Mackey walks. What control, what coolness under pressure was shown by Mackey. Can you imagine being in that very same situation as the uncalled-for gun is drawn? Rau owes his life to that good man. God bless you, Officer Kevin Mackey, one of Gloucester’s finest.

Bill Proposki