25 things I will miss about St. Peter's Fiesta 

MIKE SPRINGER/Staff photo Confetti fills the air above the statue of St. Peter as the procession stops in front of the Scola family house at 34-36 Prospect Street during St. Peter's Fiesta on Sunday in Gloucester. [[MER1905031632417609]]

With the St. Peter's Fiesta all but cancelled for 2020, here's a list of things I'm going to miss from the funnest sports week on the local calendar.

- The inevitable controversial finish to a Wednesday elimination seine boat race.

- The greasy pole walkers list being taped to the window at the St. Peter's Club.

- Making the walk from GHS (there's no place closer to park) to Pavilion Beach for the first day of sporting events.

- Fighting my way through a massive crowd to get an interview with the Fiesta 5k champions.

- The tourists that watch in amazement that have never seen or heard of a greasy pole competition before.

- A mudiga steak sub from Mom's Kitchen after the Friday (and Saturday and Sunday) greasy pole competitions.

- Hearing that "the grease is too easy now a days" when the greasy pole flag comes down in the second round.

- The walk around Fort Square with the St. Peter's statue to finish off the celebration.

- Watching a totally exhausted seine boat crew mustering up the energy to celebrate a championship.

- Gina Lampassi calling me out for another failed prediction in the women's seine boat division.

- Arancini rice balls from several delicious options around the Main Street area.

- The annual Sunday feast at my Aunt Jenny's house followed by the traditional parade.

- Seeing if The Merger can be the first repeat Men's Seine Boat champ in almost a decade.

- The annual blessing of the fishing fleet.

- The Friday, Saturday and Sunday greasy pole champs being carried off of Pavilion Beach.


- The greasy pole champions celebrating in front of the shrine on Commercial Street.

- Rushing back to Pavilion Beach after interviewing the greasy pole winner to catch the finish of the junior seine boat races.

- A young seine boat crew giving the seasoned veterans a serious run for their money.

- The Friday, Saturday or Sunday greasy pole non-winners that beg me never to predict them to win again.

- Watching talented walkers such as Derek Hopkins, Randy Sweet, Lenny Taormina and Jake Wagner dominate the greasy pole, even if it's only a courtesy walk.

- Huffing and puffing after a half dozen failed starts of the championship seine boat races.

- The jubilation when the race finally starts and all 10 oars are in the water for each boat.

- The roar of the crowd when a walker finally reaches the end of the greasy pole.

- The voices of Fiesta calling the action in front of a capacity crowd at Pavilion Beach.

- Lastly, spending time with family and friends for the celebratory weekend.



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