It was like getting stung by a bee. Or, more accurately, a hornet.

I found myself in Manchester this past April Fool’s Day for the opening game of the boys high school lacrosse season, with Bishop Fenwick taking on the hosts from Manchester Essex. It was a chilly day but with a brilliant blue sky hovering over Hyland Field.

At one point, I turned to look at the scoreboard to check the time of a Fenwick goal when it hit me: Man, that Hornets’ logo Manchester Essex uses is pretty awesome.

There it was: a green turtlenecked, black-and-yellow striped, fierce looking insect that gave off a look of intimidation and resiliency. 

It immediately send my mind racing. This logo is terrific, I thought, and so are many of the others for the North Shore high schools that we cover.

But which one, I wondered, is the best of them all?

Which leads us to the present time.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be hosting our Logo Showdown, featuring the athletic emblems of 16 high schools covered by The Salem News and Gloucester Times. We’ve set it up in a bracket-style format, where you can vote online for logos in first round, quarterfinal, semifinal and finals matchups to determine which school has the best logo on the North Shore.

You can go to our website ( and click on the ‘Logo Showdown’ box on the right-hand side of the page to vote on all of our first round matchups. The matchups will be featured in the newspaper this week on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

The winning logos will advance to our tournament quarterfinals (voting held Aug. 12-14), and from there four teams will square off in the semifinals on Friday, Aug. 16. The two logos that make it through to the championship round will be presented on Saturday, Aug. 17, with voting open through Monday, Aug. 19.

The Logo Showdown champion will be crowned online and in the newspaper on Tuesday Aug. 20.

Will your favorite logo stand atop the local mountaintop when all is said and done? Your vote will certainly help. 

So make sure to visit our website and cast your pick for your favorite logos.